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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will a session cost?
I charge 45 per session for individuals and 55 per couple. 45 an hour for supervisdion, 40 for students

Do I pay at each session or must I pay in advance?
I ask my clients to pay at the end of each session.

What about if I can't attend a session?
If I am not given sufficient notice of a cancellation I might charge a fee, however, if I am given 24 hours’ notice, I usually waive this.

How long do sessions last?
The sessions last 60 mins. Ten minutes are usually spent in attending to details such as payment, receipts, booking the next session, etc.

Can I pay by card?
I am not set up to deal with cards, but accept cash, cheques or BACS

Is what I say confidential?
Absolutely! Unless you say something which indicates that either you are in danger, or you are about to go out and endanger someone else, in which case we would work out together who we needed to tell to get appropriate help for you. My work is supervised, and I will probably bring aspects of our work to supervision, to ensure I am working ethically and giving you the very best service, however, you will not be named.

How many sessions will I need?
There's no realistic way of answering this. It all depends. However, we will regularly discuss how you feel you are getting on. You are free to leave counselling whenever you wish.

Do you offer reduced rates for counselling/supervising students of counselling?
Yes. I charge 40 per session). However, I think students require careful support, both in personal therapy and counselling supervision, to ensure they get the most from their learning experience.

Can you be flexible or must we meet at the same time each week?
I recognise that many clients need to fit counselling around busy schedules and therefore, I am prepared to be flexible , although I encourage clients to get into a reasonably regular pattern of sessions, to get the most out of counselling.

Do you offer e-mail, telephone or Skype counselling?
I prefer to work face to face in the counselling room, however, I am prepared to offer telephone or Skype sessions under special circumstances.


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